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We supply a range of Remote Displays; Wireless modules for weight measurement data relay; junction boxes; rod ends; rubber feet to fit any scales or weighing equipment. Some of the items we carry in stock are shown below or let us know your requirements.

Mini Ticket / Label Printer
  • Thermal Line Printer
  • RS-232 compatible
  • USB compatible
  • DC powered
  • Three printing modes: data streaming, stable weight printing, print on command
  • Easy, plug-and-use operation
  • Compatible with most modern scales!
  • Perfect for ticket or label printing!
WM Wireless Communication Modules

When reliable communication is needed- but cable connection is not possible, affordable or practical….


When various equipment with different communication modes need to talk to each other like speaking in the same language….


WM Series Wireless Communication Module is the simple and straight forward solution.



  • Single Chip Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit and MCU are used to ensure Reliability and Performance.
  • Support TTL, RS232 and RS485 for Standard and Non Standard Protocol
  • 8 User Selectable Channels
  • Independent Indicators for Power, Transmission and Receiving
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Enhanced High Anti-Interference Performance and Low Bit Error Rate
  • Long Transmission Distance 300m plus



Model No.




Power Supplied by


Attached Device Through Pin #9

External Power Adaptor Through DC Jack

Input Power Voltage


Data Connector Type


DB9 (Male)

Modulation Mode


Working Frequency

8 Channels 428.125~437.250MHz

Transmission Power /Current

10dBm / ≤40mA

Receiving Sensitivity / Current

112dBm / ≤30mA

Data Format


Band Rate




Transmission Distance

(Unobstructed) BER=10-3/9600bps)

>=300m when placed >= 2m above ground

>=500m when placed >= 5m above ground

Cable Length


Sleep Current


Dimensions (mm)

45 x 70 x 18 (without Antenna)

45 x 70 x 60 (with Antenna)

Operation Environment

-10 ~ 60oC. Non-condensed. R.H.≦ 85%

Specifications subject to change prior to notice

External Large Remote Display \ Scoreboard Display for reading measurements from a distance

RD-DOT is a versatile multi-function device: -

  • It is an external display for Weighing Scales and Indicators
  • It can be an online or a stand alone offline scoreboard to display instance information and pre-programmed messages to the general public
  • When connected with DJB digital junction Box, it receives and displays weighing results sent by and sends commands & settings to DJB
  • RD-DOT plus, DJB and weighing platform put together form a completed weighing system, no other equipment needed
  • Data bases are built-in to couple with weighing indicator of difference brands
  • Supports both Cable and Wireless Connections



  • 2 Independent Interface Ports: -Equipped with Handheld Remote Controller for Manual Information/Message Selection/Settings
    • Port A for System Configuration, Operating Commands and Text Messages Editing
    • Port B for Connection with Weighing Indicator or Other Equipment to Receive and Display Instance Weight or Other Numeric (e.g. Number of Free Packing Space Available) Messages
  • Display Size and Time Duration of each Message can be Programmed Independently
  • Drive Software available for System Configuration, Text Message Editing, Display Sequence and Auto Message Programming



Display Module

18 x Display Modules

Display area per Display Module = 60 x 60mm

Each Module Consists of 8 x 8 LEDs

Display Capability


9 Full Size Characters, or

18 Half Size Characters in 2 lines

Input Weight Data Stream

Auto Detection

Input Weight Data Baud Rate

Auto Detection


Clock and Calendar

By Built-in Clock

Time Format


Date Format

3 x User Selectable Formats

Enclosure Dimension and Net Weight

70 (W) x 15.8 (H) x 4.3 (D)cm


Power Source

By External Dual Voltage Output Power Adaptor: -

DC 5V = 1.5A

DC7.5V = 0.5A

Operation Environment

-10 ~ 40oC. Non-condensed. R.H.≦ 85%

JB-46 Load Cell Junction Box

The JB-46 is a Compact Size Load Cell Junction Box. The Dimensions of it is mini enough to be placed inside newly all Products or to replace almost all other Junction Boxes.


 6 + 1 Wire System Makes JB-46 Suitable for all Analogue Load Cells.


Transparent Cover Allows Visual Wiring and Condition Inspection without Opening Up the Housing.



  • Connect up to 4 Channels
  • 6 (Load Cell Signals) + 1 (Grounding) Wire System
  • Moisture Proof Coating Applied to Increase Reliability
  • Only Good potentiometers from Renowned Brand are used to Ensure Accurate, Constant and Stable Output
  • Rubber Seal in Between Upper and Lower Housing to keep away Water and Moisture
  • Screws with Sealing Rubber are also used to further Increase Water and Moisture Protection



  • Housing Material = ABS
  • Overall Dimensions = 150 x 100 x 35mm
  • Resistance Range = 0 to 50ohms
  • Resistance Tolerance = ±10%.
  • Adjustability Voltage = ±0.01%
  • Insulation Resistance (500 VDC) = 1,000+ megohms
  • Glands = PG-7 x 5
  • Best Suit Cable Diameter = 3 ~ 6mm
  • Maximum Cable Diameter = 7mm
  • Packing = Individually Packed
  • Packed Dimensions = 155 x 105 x 40mm
  • Net Weight = 210g
DJB Digital Junction Boxes

DJB converts signals from analogue load cells into digital ones, then further process these digital signals into meaningful readings like weight and totalized AD counts according to predefined parameters given to it. Samples of these parameters are capacity, division, decimal place, filter, auto zero tracking speed, weight units … etc.


Eccentric adjustment of multi load cells installations is now made easy with DJB. 


Driver software is available to make setup nothing more than mouse clicks, selections on screen and numeric entries by finger tips.


DJB calculates and compensates automatically the span gain of each individual load cell channel. Manual eccentric adjustment and span gain are also supported by DJB should manual fine tuning is required.


Each load cell channel is supported by an independent a 24 bit Σ-Δ- Analog-to-Digital Converter, Special linearity compensation method plus all other state-of-the-art technologies applied. These enable DJB to provide fast, stable and almost error-free weighing result anytime and anywhere.


Metrology Functions

  • Individual Load Cell Channel On/Off
  • Automatic and manual Eccentric and Span adjustment
  • Independent Zero Calibration
  • Single point or dual point calibration
  • Odd Weight Calibration


Operation Functions

  • Free Capacity and Division Setting
  • Linearity Compensation ON or OFF
  • 8 x Initial Zero Range
  • 6 x Manual Zero Range
  • Weight Reading
  • Totalized or Individual AD Value Reading
  • Manual Tare
  • Manual Zero
  • 3 x Filter Intensity Mode
  • 9 x Auto Zero Tracking Range
  • 6 x Stable Definitions
  • 6 x Data Output Baud Rate


Other Selectable Parameters

  • 6 x Output Band Rate
  • 2 x Weight Units
  • Transmission by RS232 or RS485
Flat Webbing Sling - Accessory for Crane Scales / Heavy Lifting


Up to 2000kg

  • Flat Webbing Sling
  • Capacity of the sling depends on the work load setup
  • Material: PES 100%
  • Standard: AS1353
  • Temperature Range: -40ºC to +90ºC
Stainless Steel Bowls For Hanging or Platform Scales - Various Types
  • Standard Bowl Dimensions: ~250mm diameter, ~45mm depth - Some types may vary
  • Stainless steel, anti-corrosion construction good for use with wet items and liquids
  • Stack multiples together to save on postage with a bulk purchase

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